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Expedition Kayaks
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Inflatable Kayak Crossover KaBoat
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Inflatable Kayak Crossover KaBoat
iSUP Paddle Boards
Inflatable iSUP paddle board


Inflatable Paddle Boards.

The new upgraded version of Saturn multi-functional sport boards has just arrived! The new SATURN SOT330 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP version have D-rings in the front and back for attachment of a surfboard safety leash or carry handles, and 4 D-rings at edges of the board for attachment of an optional kayak seat, to use this board as a sit-on-top surf kayak. Can be used as a stand up paddleboard, surfboard or kayak!

Expedition Inflatable Kayaks.

RK375 Saturn Expedition inflatable kayaks are ready for Class IV rapids or miles of wilderness exploration anywhere on the globe. Stand and fly fish or get into any place where other boaters can't go, with this practical vessel! Easy to carry and portable to store, this kayak is a must for any RV, campground, fishing trip or any other situation where a vessel’s portability is important.

Fishing Inflatable Kayaks.

Saturn offers a complete line of Inflatable Kayak opening up a world of possibilities and new adventures. Expect inflatable kayaks that are durable, compact, look great, and have no sharp edges. Introducing the Saturn family, recreational and fishing kayaks with incredible features at affordable prices!

Experience the thrill and easy of Saturn Touring and Fishing Inflatable Kayaks. Fish in a spots you can’t get to by the boat, enjoy built-in exercise and get close the action on the water in minutes. And, all this with an easy of transportation and at the fraction of the cost and hassle of conventional fiberglass boat or hard plastic kayak.

Easy to use, packed with great features, new Saturn inflatable kayaks redefine how your find adventure. Carry in your car trunk and be ready to fish in just 5 minutes.

Inflatable Kayak fishing brings a whole new dimension to the art of catching fish. Introducing Saturn Inflatable fishing kayaks, fully redesigned for those who desire the latest technological innovations in comfort, storage and fishing performance. It is not just another inflatable kayak, it is Saturn heavy-duty, commercial-grade fishing inflatable kayak.

Innovative design features, improved ergonomics, comfortable seating, big space for fish storage. Saturn is everything you ever wanted in a fishing kayak – storage, convenience and safety all in one! Saturn inflatable kayaks hull is similar to hard-shell kayaks, yet can be packed into its duffel bag. Most Saturn inflatable kayaks have 3 seating positions allowing solo or tandem setup.

Saturn inflatable kayaks are hybrid kayaks that are equally at home paddling in moderate whitewater or flatwater. Plenty of legroom for two, but not too big for one person to handle, our inflatable kayaks retains maneuverability and speed. Our inflatable kayaks offer stability and performance in seaworthy kayaks. It is truly boat for any water.

Saturn high-performance, heavy-duty inflatable kayaks folds to very portable size and fits everywhere: car trunk, camper, roof rack, plane baggage compartment, balcony, and garage. On the water, the high performance hull shape glides you into that fishing hole silently.

The lightweight hull shape provides a smooth ride while the deck allows you to carry your tackle, rods and gears. Saturn inflatable fishing kayaks offer comfort, good handling, speed, stability and great look.

Saturn kayaks is a perfect all-purpose boat: stable and fast with superb tracking; versatile for all sizes, shapes and varying expertise. Affordable and lightweight, Saturn is the perfect fishing kayak for all skill levels offering speed and stability.

Saturn inflatable kayaks are the shallowest, most stable fishing craft anywhere. That is the best tool you can own as a flats fisherman. Catch fish that no one else catches in areas that no one else fishes.

An easy-to-use, efficient alternative to traditional fishing kayaks, Saturn inflatable kayaks will enhance your experience with a deluxe interior and speed to get you to the fish quickly and silently.

Saturn inflatable kayak can be backpacked into remote lakes and rivers. It’s the size of a sleeping bag when deflated and folded and comes with tracking fins. Its unique hull design makes Saturn a maneuverable whitewater boat as well as a flatwater inflatable kayak with excellent tracking. It’s a versatile boat for all stages of kayaking experience and an excellent choice for paddles on a budget. 

Our inflatable kayak challenges you to find inner piece in the easy paddling of any waters. Its hull design and skegs harmoniously slice the water for a relaxed padding experience.

KaBoats - Crossover Kayaks.

KaBoat is our newest invention, patent pending. Crossover between inflatable kayak and inflatable boats, KaBoats represents the best of both worlds. Modeled after narrow Asian Dragon boats, and due to its narrow profile, KaBoat can go faster then standard inflatable boat with lower rating motors. KaBoats are available in sizes 12' SK396, 14' SK430 and 15' SK470.

KaBoat light, and will run great with inexpensive electric motor or small gas motor. KaBoats can be easily paddled with a regular kayak paddles, allowing it to visit extremely shallow or narrow places. 

To use it as a regular kayak, just paddle it anywhere, such as on the: ocean, bay, river or lake. If you get tired, just use an electric or gas engine installed on the marine grade plywood transom. The KaBoat is extremely portable and will fit in a medium size bag. The KaBoat is light, and will run great with an inexpensive electric or small gas engine. 

KaBoats can be easily paddled with regular kayak paddles, allowing them to visit extremely shallow or narrow places. KaBoats are very stable. Customers can stand while fly-fishing and even get into those narrow spots where most other boats can't go, to get the best fishing. 

I purchased KaBoat and love it,” Kevin of Richmond, VA said. “The boat is better quality than expected and is great since I live in an apartment. Set up time from the back of my mini-van to water is about 5 minutes; I can often set it up and be out in the water before larger solid-hull boats can get off of their trailers and going. With my small outboard this things zips and since it doesn't weigh much at all, I barely use a gallon of gas all day. Anyways thanks for making a fantastic boat that I can afford on a college budget.

Your KaBoats are GREAT,” Alex of Ontario, Canada added. “Making 10 mph (controlled by Garmin GPS) with 2 peoples on 2.5HP Suzuki outboard!

Benefits of KaBoat VS. conventional Kayak or Inflatable Boat:

  1. Conventional plastic or fiberglass kayaks require significant storage space due to their large dimensions. KaBoats can be deflated and folded for easy storage and transportation. 
  2. Kayaks can be only paddled, but the KaBoat allows you to use a small gas or electric engine to cover larger distances. If you get tired of paddling, you can start using an optional outboard engine.
  3. KaBoats are much more stable than conventional kayaks, allowing for standing and walking inside the KaBoat. In fact, you can fish standing or even ride while standing.
  4. The KaBoat can be used for diving, snorkeling, and fishing, however not many conventional kayaks can offer similar functionality.
  5. Due to the high buoyancy of its inflatable tubes, the KaBoat can transport a much larger cargo than regular kayaks. 
  6. KaBoat allows you to go to narrow or shallow places where regular inflatable boats will not fit. Just raise the engine and paddle anywhere that is at least 5" deep.
  7. Due to its smaller chambers, it is much easier and faster to inflate a KaBoat than a regular inflatable boat.
  8. Because of its narrow profile and a much lower drag than wide conventional inflatable boats, KaBoats can go faster with the same rated engine than comparable size inflatable boats.
  9. KaBoats can also be used as a dinghy to a yacht or sailboat, but take up much less space when deflated and folded. KaBoats also can be placed on a swimming platforms.
  10. KaBoats cost much less than any inflatable dinghies and most kayaks available today.
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